To gain access to SELACO (including taking Bob's and Bonnie's classes) you need to verify that 
you have the right to work.  In order to do this, you must do several things.  First, you must bring
an identification card.  Second, you must bring a document verifying your Social Security Number
(SSN). Third, you will need to spend about 20 minutes with a SELACO worker doing what is 
called the "ABC Process".  After this, SELACO can record that you have the right to work, and 
you will be cleared to attend our classes.  Also, you will be able to participate in other SELACO 
workshops and services.
Commonly Used Identification Cards
 - California Drivers License
 - California-issued ID card
 - If you are a non-citizen: your resident card
Documents Establishing Your Social Security Number (SSN)
 - Social Security card  - W-2 Form
 - DD-214 Report of Transfer of discharge  - Letter/Printout from Social Security Office
 - Employment Records  - Public Assistance Record/Printout
 - IRS Form Letter 1722  - Agency Award Letter
 - Letter from Social Service Agency  - Telephone Verification
 - Pay Stub  - Unemployment Wage Records
 - Social Security Benefits
Documents Establishing Your Birth in the United States
 - Baptismal Record with Date of Birth  - Public Assistance/Social Service Record
 - Birth Certificate  - School Records/Identification
 - DD-214  - Work Permit
 - Driver's License  - Decree of court
 - Federal, State or Local Government ID Card  - Native American Tribal Document
 - Hospital Birth Record  - Tribal Record with Date of Birth
 - Passport